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Job Training

The Spectrum Works job training program is made possible by a collaborative effort between Spectrum Works, our partner companies, and various high schools in New Jersey.

The program allows young adults with autism to enter a workplace and learn skills that will enable them to succeed and prepare for a future career. Spectrum Works trainees are placed in real work environments alongside partner company employees. This authentic on the job experience, along with support from Spectrum Works job coaches, prepares trainees for a successful future as a productive employee. Spectrum Works trainees earn minimum wage, as we believe that everyone deserves to be paid a fair wage for productive work. The job training program teaches students the value of punctuality, responsibility, and hard work in earning a paycheck.

“As a transition coordinator, I am always looking for meaningful productive work for students with Autism. Spectrum Works provides a very supportive environment with a variety of tasks for the students to perform in an integrated work setting. I am very pleased with our relationship so far.”

- Roger Askins, Transition Coordinator Millburn High School

After successfully completing the training program and graduating from high school, trainees are hired into Spectrum Works’ workforce, go onto further their studies, or are placed in competitive employment.

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